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Early Learning Florida wants all children to have access to high-quality learning environments so they can achieve their fullest potential. As champions of early learning professionals, we listen to what educators and providers need to be successful in their work with children, and then build exactly what they want and need. As a result, our professional learning courses, resources, and supports are created with early learning practitioners in mind. Through all its efforts, Early Learning Florida strives to help early childhood professionals foster engaging learning environments where both educators and children feel empowered to succeed.

Our Approach

At Early Learning Florida, we believe the best way to ensure our system is improving child learning and development is to remain in constant communication with people who work with children on a daily basis. In 2014, a team of investigators led by the University of Florida interviewed more than 700 early childhood professionals across Florida to determine what their needs were. One important need was to establish an online learning community for early childhood professionals. As a result, we are currently developing an interactive online hub that will connect early learning educators to courses, tools, and strategies they can immediately implement into their daily work. Launching in 2018, Early Learning Florida will offer resource-filled libraries consisting of lesson plans, activities, videos, and self-paced and instructor-led courses that count toward the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential and college credit.



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