Guiding Preschool Behavior and Building Classroom Community

Guiding Preschool Behavior and Building Classroom Community

In this course, you’ll receive valuable information about building essential relationships with the preschoolers in your setting and learn how to implement strategies to promote a positive classroom community. You’ll investigate how to support children as they develop critical social skills and explore specific strategies that you can implement in your program now to guide your preschoolers toward positive behaviors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Plan ways to build positive relationships between children and establish trusting relationships with parents by focusing on positive communication and sharing children’s successes.
  • Learn specific ways to create positive classroom climates.
  • Support social-emotional development by helping children to recognize and communicate their feelings effectively.
  • Establish and communicate clear behavior expectations.
  • Use developmentally appropriate guidance approaches.
  • Implement strategies to promote social problem solving.
These strategies are job-embedded and will need to be implemented with the preschoolers in your setting.

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