Inclusion in the Preschool Setting

Inclusion in the Preschool Setting

Every child is unique. All children have specific strengths, as well as areas for growth. Identifying children’s unique differences, meeting their individual needs, and building on their strengths to promote optimal learning and development is the foundation for this course. By taking this course, you’ll gain a better understanding of inclusion and special education services. We’ll explore a multitude of strategies for working with children with special needs in your learning environment, many of which are considered best practices for early learning in general. This course is designed to consider how to meet the needs of all children; therefore, even if you don’t have a child with a diagnosed disability in your program, you’ll be able to apply many of these strategies and see increased success in behavior, language, and social emotional skills with ALL of the children in your care!

Learning Outcomes

  • • Provide an inclusive environment for the children in your setting.
  • • Interpret data to determine what a child is trying to communicate through his or her behaviors.
  • • Analyze Universal, Prevention, and Intervention Level supports that benefit children in large group, small group, and individualized early learning experiences.
  • • Modify play opportunities and create intentional learning opportunities through play.
  • • Choose stories that will positively influence children’s behaviors in the learning environment.
  • • Collaborate with families by building positive relationships and providing support and care.

These strategies are job-embedded and will need to be implemented in your program.

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