Infant Developmental Stages: The First Year of Life

Infant Developmental Stages: The First Year of Life

About this Course

In this course, you will investigate the developmental milestones for the first year of life and take a look at how much a baby grows and changes in those first few months. You’ll also discuss ways to set up the environment for each stage taking into consideration materials, routines, and best practices. In addition, you'll investigate the meaning of relationships and learn how important they are for an infant's learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Observe and identify the different states of awareness and make decisions about when the baby needs quiet and when he or she is ready for an active learning experience
  • Plan activities to support babies’ growth and development during the first three months by connecting with families and promoting secure attachments between you and the baby
  • Plan developmentally appropriate activities to support language and cognitive development in four to six-month-old babies
  • Understand the progression of motor skills in seven to nine-month-old babies and plan activities to support language, cognitive, and motor development
  • Plan developmentally appropriate activities for ten-twelve-month old babies through read alouds, rhymes, music, and other games and activities
  • Plan to include parents as partners in the care of their baby through relationship-building activities

These strategies are job-embedded and will need to be implemented with the babies (0-12 months old) in your setting.

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