Organizational Leadership in Early Care and Education

Organizational Leadership in Early Care and Education

About this Course

Early childhood program leaders have two distinct areas of focus. Organizational leadership, which refers to the day-to-day operations and management of the business, and instructional leadership, which is the support of teachers in creating high-quality interactions, implementing developmentally appropriate practices, and building relationships with the children and families in their program. Both areas are essential to the success of an early learning program. This course will provide supports for becoming an effective organizational leader so that that the administrative side of programs will thrive. This will set the stage for high-quality developmentally appropriate practices to be implemented.

Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate how to maintain enrollment;
  • Discuss effective fee collection and budgeting;
  • Identify how to properly staff an early learning program;
  • Explore the benefits of technology and how it should be incorporated into a program;
  • Identify how relationships influence change; and
  • Create an environment that supports change through collective leadership.

These strategies are job-embedded and will need to be implemented with the faculty, staff, and families in your program.

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