Screening and Assessing Young Dual Language Learners in Preschool (DLL 2)

Screening and Assessing Young Dual Language Learners in Preschool (DLL 2)

About this Course

In this course, you’ll learn how to conduct fair and unbiased screenings and assessments of young dual language learners. You will learn what things to consider so you can determine whether a child’s performance is linked to bilingual or multilingual exposure or a delay of some type. In addition, you’ll learn to consider the influence of culture on children’s development, how to gather information from families, and understand how exposure to more than one language may cause children’s performance to vary on assessments in each language.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assist families of dual language learners in completing a home language questionnaire
  • Use interpreters effectively to conduct assessments and communicate with families and children
  • Conduct observations of children and collect language samples
  • Assess children in English, as well as their home language, and create a plan to gather data from multiple sources
  • Use assessment tools in languages other than English to monitor children’s progress
  • Understand a child’s performance in each language in order to guide instruction

These strategies are job-embedded and will need to be implemented with the dual language learners in your setting.

*The Dual Language Learner 1 course is a prerequisite for this course

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