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Early Learning Florida is a comprehensive, evidence-based system of professional development designed to “Empower Professionals” by increasing their knowledge of research-based practice and improving their skills and effectiveness through guided practice, reflection, and state-of-the-art technology. Our courses are available 24-7 and offer opportunities to collaborate with hundreds of early learning professionals and other experts and coaches to explore best practices, share ideas, and implement career-changing strategies.

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Health and Safety Modules

We are excited you are here and interested in learning more about health and safety in child care settings. You will find these modules to be engaging, informative, and helpful to your work with children. All providers and personnel participating in the School Readiness Program are required to complete specific pre-service training, as outlined by Rule 6M-4.620, F.A.C. For additional information regarding these modules and the health and safety requirements for the School Readiness Program, please click here to visit the Office of Early Learning’s Website.

The Health & Safety Training Modules, while open to all to take, are only required for license-exempt providers who either

        a. do not qualify for an educational exemption;

        b. have not already completed DCF training as a requirement of             accreditation; or

        c. opt not to take the subset of DCF courses required for school readiness.

If you are currently employed in a license-exempt program and are taking these modules to meet preservice training requirements for School Readiness, the deadline to take the required modules is March 31, 2017. The final 2 modules will be released on March 6, 2017. Please contact our help desk with any questions by Clicking Here 




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